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Drawing I Final Project: Portraiture 

Students create a portrait of themselves or somebody they know. There are three main goals: 1) express something about your subject beyond just physical appearance, 2) incorporate stylistic elements from an artist you admire, and 3) Use the elements and principles of design to communicate your message. The goal of this project is to work towards a personal style, and to communicate an original idea through drawing. This project involves a multi-step process of idea generation, artist research, and experimentation before the final drawing is created. 

Above: Tae Lee, Wanting to Be Created, 2021


Dani Fauzi 

A-S 130 Drawing, Fall 2021

24 x 18 inches

Chalk pastel 

Above: Tamie Beldue, Tangible Identities; Patricia, 2011 graphite, watercolor and encaustic 13" x 13" 


Jaydon Nguyen

ART 1103 Drawing I, Fall 2022

12 x 18 inches

Graphite powder, graphite 

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